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Education at Minnesota

Our Medical School offers future physicians great opportunities:

  • Opportunities to shape one's education through the Flexible M.D. program, to focus on research, international health, underserved communities, or other interests.
  • Opportunities to pursue a career in specialty care or primary care.
  • Opportunities for qualified students to learn from physicians and teams in small towns in the Rural Physician Associate Program.
  • Opportunities to learn from excellent teachers and mentors in a variety of learning situations and settings.
  • Opportunities to participate in and hear about the latest in health research.
  • Opportunities to learn about and have experience in the health care reform that is happening.

Even while delivering top-notch educational opportunities, we are transforming our education by basing it on student achievement of competencies. These initiatives take advantage of the skills of our self-directed, tech-savvy learners while they engage many of our talented faculty. At the University of Minnesota Medical School, we are moving ahead toward a vision of excellence.

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